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Workshops for Students and practitioners

Pattern Fight core and associate practitioners have experience of leading workshops in educational and social settings including schools, community groups and University contexts. For more information about the sort of workshops we can offer please see the information below or contact sarahruff@ymail.com for more info or to discuss specialist requirements.

Live interaction with film lecture demonstration
Led By-Sarah Ruff and Ed Currie

Pattern Fight utilize a range of distinct and original interaction techniques for film within their productions, as well as drawing influence from pioneers of interaction techniques such as Fork beard Fantasy. This lecture demonstration focuses on and breaks down original sections of material from Pattern Fight’s shows offering an insight into the software and technology utilized. It also explores and highlights the work of other notable pioneers within this field.

Clowning techniques for Contemporary Performance
Led by-Sarah Ruff

In the 20th century Clown techniques for actor training were most noticeably documented and exploited in the practices of practitioners such as Lecoq, Philip Gaulier and Dario Fo.
As modes of performance evolve into the digital age and new multi-disciplinary practices emerge, how can these affective techniques be maintained, developed and exploited to explore self, space, object and image?
This workshop utilizes clowning technique to explore playfulness, improvisation, physicality and presence.
In this intense, physically demanding workshop, the techniques are devised to encourage the performer to respond to impulse in the present moment and connect with audience, emotion, space and image within the present moment.
The workshop participants will engage in critical conversation around the affects of the techniques and how the modes might be developed or utilized within their own practises.

Workshops for people with special needs

Our approach is to facilitate a workshop structure which offers flexibility in relation to the participant and their needs and interests. Our workshops offer a bespoke package catered for and adapted to the individual participants diverse needs. The main emphasis of our workshops are to create a fun, engaging and adaptable environment in which members can develop new creative skills and fulfil a sense of achievement in their work.
Fundamental to working with people who have special needs is the acceptance and ideology that the individual is not defined by there condition. The individual will be nurtured accordingly to develop and explore there personal strengths and talents. By fostering a safe environment where an emphasis is always placed on the individuals strengths, we often witness participants taking spontaneous risks in areas they find challenging. For example when working with participants who are highly developed in physical communication we may instigate a mime exercise within this framework the participant is successful and thus spontaneously will often feel safe to attempt verbal communication.
The participants in our workshops are encouraged to explore ideas and themes that are relevant to them selves or that they find interesting and stimulating. For example we recently worked with a group of adults who were interested in exploring Pop culture. Through Games and play exercises, we looked at what Pop idols represented to them, exploring there own fantasies and ideologies, with an emphasis on fun and experimentation. The participants drew influence from and developed characters based on recognizable pop stars, utilizing their familiarity and knowledge to build scenes and develop characters.
For more information or to discuss specialist requirements or projects, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Ruff on: 07747631425
Sarah, Samantha and Ed are CRB checked and maintain up to date first Aid certificates