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Threeweeks 2011 *****

In a world so overpopulated, why reproduce at all?
Why not become a cyborg, like the star of ‘Conference Of Strange’, Sarah Ruff?…
original, and truly hilarious….
the senses are treated to both physical art and comedy in a marvellous synthesis….
clever, topical and inordinately witty display that will make you pause and think, not to mention chortle. This show is inventive, warm, and poignant.


Edfringereview.com 2011 *****

Rather than writing a critique of “Conference of Strange”, I feel as though I could just write the words “wow! Amazing! Incredible! Extraordinary! Clever!” over and over again.
The sole actress, Sarah Ruff, spent the whole performance reacting to a series of wonderfully unique images which were projected onstage - this was done astoundingly well, and her in-depth and faultless knowledge of the intricate timings suggested hours and hours of careful rehearsal.
Regrettably, our star rating system only runs up to five - if there was a sixth star, I would have awarded it. A fantastic, thoroughly entertaining performance and I would jump at the chance to see more work by this company - “PatternFight Performance”.


The Scotsman 2010

Sarah Ruff is either a genius in the making or completely mad - probably both. In this fusion of live action, animation and poetry, she splices together odd little stories that are, at their best, sublime, and at their worst, quite disgusting.


Saving the best until last, Hairy Mary concludes with Sarah Ruff. Her one woman “exploration of human vulnerability” is impossible to categorise, but perhaps “live art” is an apt term. Dressed as a dusty historian/white sheet and accompanied only by a projector and screen, Ruff plays out three or four short, surreal sketches/stories. her in-depth analysis of “The Square” and tale of a Suburban Baby Poo are thoroughly entertaining, well worth watching.


Sarah Ruff stole the show for me with her genius use of sound and visuals to create a darkly humorous, yet poignant piece which touches upon the human condition, modern society, natural selection and quantum physics to name a few and all in 20 minutes! Her sinisterly poetic writing had the audience in fits of laughter one minute, and stunned, pensive silence the next.'
by Saskia Willis, April 2010


'I have no doubt it will make you unsure if you should cry or laugh and physically widen your eyes in a bizarrely contented disbelief.'

Audience comments

‘I saw your piece at the fringe and was completely overwhelmed by it; it was one of the most moving, beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I think I actually cried continuously for the whole hour! I found the writing so starkly textured and gorgeous’ Maeve Scullion, email received, Tue, 23 Aug 2011

‘very clever at the same time as being beautifully bizarre and unlike anything else I saw at the festival. I thought the piece was touchingly brave in all of it's attempts, and I don't think there was enough work like that this year. Looking back on everything that I saw, I think an important gap in my overall experience would not have been filled had I missed your show.’ Mary Osborne from Group 13 email received 31 August, 2011

‘Sarah Ruff is one of the outstanding graduates from theater at Dartington in recent years. Her work is consistently and creatively adventurous, playful, sophisticated in engaging and surprising ways - as composition, as food for thought, as live event within which the audience is always accredited with creative agency. She's a generous and proactive collaborator, a team-player, and a delightful person.’
 Proffesor David Williams.