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Company History

Pattern fight is a new artist-led multimedia theatre company. We aim to produce accessible and challenging work, exploring themes of contemporary significant.

We received our first commission as a company from Farnham Maltings theatre from The No Strings attached grant scheme enabling us to refine and develop our skill base, company aesthetic and ideas.
We received our first Arts Council England research and development Grant in summer 2011 and through a series of residencies and in-kind support from The Basement in Brighton, we have produced our first professional production,
Conference of Strange.’ This show debuted at the 2011 Edinburgh fringe Festival receiving critical acclaim and subsequent bookings from a series of national promoters and further support opportunities. Since then the work itself has gone from strength to strength building a supportive audiences following.

We have participated in residencies at The Basement in Brighton, Shelmardine Close, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and B.A.C. We also work in a sub cultural context regularly performing experimental work in Pubs and warehouses. We regularly show work at Stoke Newington International Airport and The rolling stage based in Bristol.